Lemur Monitors: BlueDriver

Lemur Monitors: BlueDriver

by Yoav
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Ever wonder why your check engine light comes on? Lemur Vehicle Monitors makes that easy with Lemur Vehicle Monitors a Diagnostic Scan Tool that connects to you data port located inside your car near the steering wheel. Every car made since 1996 has a data port.

BlueDriver lets you find out what problems your vehicle is reporting when the check engine light comes on. Generate a Repair Report that contains information such as Code Definition, Possible Cause(s), and Top/Frequently/Other Reported Fix(es) for your specific vehicle. You can email the report to yourself of even your mechanic. Need to discuss your scan results with friends? Post your results to your Facebook Wall and start talking. You can clear the trouble codes to turn off the check engine light.

BlueDriver also supports reading and clearing ABS trouble codes on Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles. Support for more vehicle manufacturers to come!

Find out if your vehicle is ready for a smog check. BlueDriver can record and log various sources of data from your vehicle. Other great features even provide a visual alert when you exceed a predefined speed.

● Diagnostics - Scan/Clear/Email Check Engine Light Trouble Codes, Ford/GM/Chrysler ABS Trouble Codes
● Diagnostics - Smog Readiness Check, Mode 6, Freeze Frame Data, Repair Reports
● Live Data - Gauge/Graph/Log
● Save your data to your Dropbox for future review or sharing

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