BioLite KettleCharge

BioLite KettleCharge

by Yoav
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Inspired by the outdoors while also keeping you prepared at home, the KettleCharge provides off-grid power and potable water in a matter of minutes. Unlike solar panels, the KettleCharge is ready night or day, and at 10 watts, it will charge USB devices as fast as a wall outlet, even tablets.

An evolution of BioLite’s core thermoelectric technology, the KettleCharge uses the water you boil to produce electricity. It works on a wide range of stoves and serves as a perfect personal-scale generator for your everyday devices. Just fill, heat, charge.

The Thermoelectric Generator [TEG], located on the base of the KettleCharge, uses a difference in temperature to produce electricity. This comes from having a hot side and a cold side within the device. The Kettle filled with water serves as the cold side; the flame of your stove in contact with the baseplate is the hot side.

As you bring the water to a boil, electricity is produced and sent to the Power Handle, leaving you with potable water and 10W of usable power – and you can do a lot with 10W

1) 10W On-Demand Power
Charge with the strength of a wall outlet

2) Smart LED Dashboard
Instant feedback on heat and charging for optimal use. An audible alert sounds if the unit is getting too hot, helping to
prevent accidental overheating and damage.

3) Battery Boost
Stores power for a quick charge with no heat or water

4) Folding Power Handle
Packs flat and angles up for perfect pouring

5) 750ml Stainless Steel Kettle
Boil water for cooking, drinking, cleaning

6) Multi-Stove Integration
Use on gas ranges, backpacking stoves, and BioLite CampStove

7) Flexible USB Extender
Charge gear while keeping it safe from flames

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