GOgroove FlexSMART X5 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

GOgroove FlexSMART X5 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

by Yoav
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GOgroove by Accessory Power has released the FlexSMART X5 Bluetooth FM Transmitter. As successor to the popular FlexSMART X3, GOgroove has equipped the X5 with NFC technology and a new portable design allowing it to work with any FM receiver outside of the vehicle’s environment.

The new FlexSMART X5 is built with the same great quality of the FlexSMART X3 with additional enhanced features such as NFC “tap to pair” connections. GOgroove introduces NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows NFC-enabled devices to connect by simply tapping it on the transmitter. NFC offers a low-speed connection with extremely simple setup, where data can flow in both directions between two devices. In contrast to the cumbersome Bluetooth process, simple tap pairing makes it easier to instantly connect any device for hands-free calling.

GOgroove makes the FlexSMART X5 easy on the eyes with new sleek design. Equipped with a visor mount, the customer is given a wide array of options for display. In addition, the large LED numbers shine bright for easy and convenient channel surfing. For ultimate satisfaction, the FlexSMART X5 has auto-pair and auto-play features. Providing a truly hassle-free setup solution, the same audio device will automatically pair and begin playing music whenever the vehicle and X5 are powered on.

GOgroove has fitted the FlexSMART X5 with a rechargeable flex-neck design, which acts as a charging mount for the transmitter but also gives it MicroUSB charging capabilities when not in the car. The new portable attributes make the FlexSMART X5 perfect for home stereos, portable radios, and more.

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