Turn Any Light into a Smart Light with Emberlight

Turn Any Light into a Smart Light with Emberlight

by Yoav
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Meet emberlight a device that turns any light into a smart light. A simple plug and play adapter that gives you control of your lights from anywhere int he world. It can even use proximity to control your lights. No hub required. No complicated installation either.

You may have seen other smart bulbs like the Philips’ Hue connected bulbs or those from GE or Samsung. But what makes emberlight so different is that it allows you to control any existing dimmable bulb, using your Wi-Fi network and a smartphone app. The actual emberlight product looks like the bottom half of a light bulb and screws in just like a light bulb. Designed as plug-and-play making it compatible with any type of light from there, you just need to screw your old bulb into the emberlight and walla! You have complete control.

Easy to setup. No wiring required. No hub required. Simply add emberlight to any light bulb and it's installed. Our mobile app steps you through the simple WiFi connection.

Easy to use. Once installed,our free app gives you on, off, and dim control of your lights through your smartphone.

Easy to understand. emberlight uses the light bulbs and sockets you already own.

Understands proximity. emberlight can turn your lights on and off automatically without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Understands scale. Add emberlight to your home at your own pace. Since there is no hub or pro installation required, you can start small without worry and add additional units later.

Understands mobility. emberlight can move with you when you go to a new apartment or home. emberlight also decouples the evolving technology of light bulbs from the ability to control your lights giving you the ability to use any bulb.

Values safety. Whether you’re away on vacation or you return home by yourself, emberlight understands safety. We can turn your lights on remotely or respond to your location as it relates to your house so that you return to a warmly lit home.

Values automation. Set up presets with emberlight and enhance the time you spend at home. Quickly enjoy presets like dinner party or movie night.

Values saving. Emberlight can slightly dim your lights so that you don’t notice a difference but the power grid does.

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