DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter

by Yoav
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DJI has announced the launch of the DJI Spreading Wings S900, a powerful hexacopter that allows creators and innovators unprecedented portability and ease of use in capturing high-quality images from the sky.

The S900 provides a lightweight frame and foldable arms making it easily transportable to anywhere aerial photographers and filmmakers want to go. It is also compatible with other innovative DJI tools including the DJI Lightbridge video downlink and the Zenmuse Z15, GH3, GH4 and BMPCC gimbals, providing a broad number of imaging options.

Weighing in at 3.3kg (7.2lb) the S900 uses DJI’s fastest electronic speed controller (ESC) and strong 4114 pro motors, allowing it to have a take-off weight of 8.2kg (18lb). It can fly for up to 18 minutes when paired with a 6S 12000mAh battery and carrying a 6.8kg (15lb).

Featuring the same low mounting brackets, retractable landing gears and vibration dampening that has been a hallmark of DJI’s professional Spreading Wings series, the S900 is uniquely compact enough to carry in the back of a small car, allowing pilots to capture professional-quality aerial images anywhere.

DJI also redesigned the S900’s power distribution board to minimize the number of cables, creating a system that is easier to setup, more reliable during flight, and safer to use.

Lightweight, Strong and Stable
The S900’s arms and landing gear are made of sturdy carbon fiber, greatly reducing weight while increasing stability and strength. This enables a long flight time without sacrificing performance.

Highly Portable, Easy to Carry
With arms that fold in to save space, the S900 is built to be taken wherever you need to go. Then when you want to fly, it can be ready to go in just a few minutes. Never before has a professional hexacoptor been so portable and easy to transport.

Removable Upper Center Board
The upper center board can be removed, allowing easy access to install your flight controller and IMU, and giving you a convenient way to setup the power distribution system. Even installation of your main controller, iOSD, Lightbridge, or any other accessories is faster and easier than ever before.

New Power Distribution System
A redesigned, rebuilt power distribution system improves safety and reliability. Gold-plated metal bearings with a unique screw design secure the power cords, ensuring cables will not come loose during flight and allowing easy setup.

● Lightweight, Strong and Stable
● Highly Portable, Easy to Carry
● New Power Distribution System
● Removable Upper Center Board
● Sparkproof Plug
● Professional Quality
● Wide Range of Shooting Angles
● Retractable Landing Gear
● Compatible with Zenmuse Gimbals
● Reduced Vibrations, Clearer Footage
● Greater Power
● Innovative Arm Design

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