Philips Hue Tap Control

Philips Hue Tap Control

by Yoav
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Philips has recently announces a world’s first: The Philips Hue tap, a clever little switch which makes controlling your favorite hue light scenes even easier. Being kinetic-powered no batteries are needed.

Reinventing the light switch
Philips Hue tap control is as smart as the Philips Hue bulbs it controls, and just as easy to use. For moments when you prefer not to use your smart device to turn the lights on, such as when your phone is charging or the kids are playing with your tablet, simply tap! Also, you can extend your app into the physical world by putting your favorite scene creations from the Hue app or groups of lights onto the four buttons of Hue tap. Simply cycle to the one you want, in an instant.

Zero Power Consumption, Zero Wires
Philips Hue tap needs no batteries as it operates using kinetic energy – simply through taps from your finger. As a result, it has a remarkable zero watts of power consumption and needs no mains power source. Meaning it’s not only smarter, but greener and hassle free.

“Hue tap is the perfect solution for users who want to control their personal wireless lighting with yet more convenience,” remarks Filip Jan Depauw, Senior Director, Philips Lighting. “It is more than just a modern take on the wall switch – it combines easy-to-use traditional lighting control with the smart, intuitive, fun world of Philips Hue.”

● No batteries required-powered by your touch
● Freedom to place anywhere-on the wall near your door or on the table near your chair
● One of the buttons is usable for lights off

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