CocoOne First-Class Cocooning Lounge

CocoOne First-Class Cocooning Lounge

by Yoav
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Delfin Wellness offers you the most beautiful invitation to come and rest in a world class "luxury cocoon" - the exclusive retreat for an optimal relaxation. Stress is on the rise for years. The boundaries between work and play are blurring, the "smartphone" generation is demanding constant availability. So to really "switch off" is becoming increasingly difficult for many people. CocoOne is such a place!

Just like protective hands, the bright fabric wings surround you as you lie in the comfortable Cocooning Lounge. They create security and space for individual relaxation.

CocoOne meets the cocooning trend in an aesthetic manner and thus provides for our need for recreation and regeneration. The First Class Cocooning Lounge impresses with perfectly formed features, style and elegance. As the pearl protected in the Shell, you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable time of relaxation - perfect shielded and protected against weathering and environmental influences.

Unique Design
CocoOne is an exclusive relaxation lounge designed for accommodation of up to two people in and outdoors. The principle of the new oasis of silence is as simple as it is ingenious: A comfort-lying surface offers enough space for two recreation-seekers, but the real highlight is the opportunity to say goodbye to the outside world for a certain period. Two independently hinged swing doors protect the interior and ensure the incomparable cocooning feeling.

These doors protect the interior from water and environmental influences. In addition the wing doors protect the guests from prying eyes and create an exclusive privacy. CocoOne is also noise protected. You feel protected from the background noise of the environment allowing you to better relax, sleep or read.

The opened rear swing doors create a large sunbathing area. This improved accessibility allows for easy mobility and movement comfort. When the swing doors are opened on both sides more than 2/3 of the lying space is accessible. In combination with the increased lying space the CocoOne provides a wonderful view of the beach, pool, sea, landscape, skyline and more within your view.

Thera-Med deep Heat Radiator
The CocoOne can be provided with two Thera-Med deep heat radiators below the covering. The first-class lounge Cocooning can thus be used as an infrared cabin deck. An integrated time control can turn on the deep heat radiator after a pre-set time and turn off automatically.

The infrared deep heat radiators are easily adjustable. The installation height can be adjusted, as in the case of non-use and it can be placed just out of sight of the user and therefore it is not visually disruptive.

The adjustability has the special advantage when CocoOne is used as an infrared cabin. The radiation device can be brought closer to the area to be radiated. The effect of Thera-Med deep heat is thus improved in this area.

iPad Control
The CocoOne can be equipped with a Loxon Server and an iPad Air including Wi-Fi. The benefits of an iPad control are that all installed electrical functions such as color light, infrared deep heat, music system and height adjustment of the lying surface can be controlled with it. Additionally connected is the use of the two deep heat radiators that can be power controlled or switched on and off independent of each other.

Another advantage is that the iPad is a key function. Without a configured iPad the CocoOne cannot be used outside of supervised mode. At the hotel and spa area, the connection can be accessed through an existing mobile ordering system. In this case the guest can order drinks or meals via iPad which will immediately be served by the waiters and at airports or train stations current departure times can be displayed or recorded in waiting times. Furthermore the costumer can be alerted via a “wake-up call” to the boarding time.

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