Simplicam HD WiFi Camera

Simplicam HD WiFi Camera

by Yoav
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ArcSoft simplicam powered by Closeli is the first and only home monitoring Wi-Fi video solution with Face Detection. Now users can receive notifications when someone is actually in their home, rather than getting an alert every time the cat walks by or a tree branch moves. simplicam powered by Closeli allows consumers, including parents, pet owners, caretakers and homeowners, to keep an eye on who and what matters most while they’re away from home. Users can view live or recorded video of their home directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

“simplicam powered by Closeli builds on ArcSoft’s 20 years of imaging experience by introducing Face Detection technology to the connected home,” said Caroline Tien-Spalding, Senior Marketing Director, ArcSoft. “Detecting faces in real time within a video stream, combined with varying light, size and positioning, has been a huge barrier for the connected home, which we’re excited to crush today. Putting this unique technology in the hands of consumers signifies a major leap forward and opens up a whole new era in the future of home monitoring.”

simplicam powered by Closeli sets up easily on a smartphone in less than three minutes. Users can enjoy live, 720p HD video and motion/sound notifications through the free Closeli app on their mobile devices, or on the web via a Mac or PC. Premium Closeli Recording Services provide enhanced features, such as recording in the cloud, easy editing and sharing options and unique Face Detection technology.

● Super quick setup - Get it done on your iPhone or Android in less than three minutes
● Know when someone's in your home - The first and only home monitoring Wi-Fi video solution that offers Face Detection notifications
● Stay connected - Comes with intelligent on/off motion and sound notifications, built-in night vision, a 107-degree field of view and two-way talk through a powerful microphone and speaker
● Watch anywhere - Streaming HD video on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac
● Don't miss a moment - Comes with 1 year of 1 Day Closeli Recording Services. Easily scroll through the last 24 hours of recorded footage, and save up to one hour of your favorite clips. Edit and share video straight from your smartphone!

$150 - $200   BUY · SAVE
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