Samsung EI-HS10 Body Scale

Samsung EI-HS10 Body Scale

by Yoav
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Keep track of your weight with the Samsung S Health Body Scales. Used in combination with the sophisticated S Health mobile app, you can monitor your progress easily and conveniently, with data delivered wirelessly from the scales to your device. Up to 4 devices can be linked with the scales, and device pairing only takes one touch of a button. Staying in touch with your fitness has never been so effortless.

Comprehensive Healthcare Monitoring - All in One App!
S-Health is an all-in-one healthcare monitoring system that incorporates the S Band, HRM Band and Body Scale, turning your Smartphone into a comprehensive healthcare database. You can check your body weight, or monitor your heart-beat and distance covered when exercising as well as see how active you are when you sleep. Each device connects to The S Health app via Bluetooth, transmitting data for you to view and manage with ease.

Support Multi-Users
The Body Scales can be linked with up to 4 devices so any of them can use the scales and get their weight information delivered straight into the S-Health App. This means no need to re-pair their device each time making it quick and easy for everyone to use.

Easy Data Transfer
Conveniently transfer data to your Smartphone through wireless communication.

● Update the S Health app wirelessly via Bluetooth
● See your weight in kg or lbs on an easy-to-read display
● Link scales with up to 4 devices so everyone can use them
● Just press one button to pair scales with your device

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