Beats by Dr. Dre Co-Founder Steven Lamar Introduces ROAM Ropes Earphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Co-Founder Steven Lamar Introduces ROAM Ropes Earphones

by Yoav
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ROAM has introduces Ropes, a new standard in earphones. ROAM Ropes bring the best in ergonomic design, sound quality, personalization and “Noise Equalization” technology to create a groundbreaking listening experience for today’s consumer. ROAM was created by Beats by Dr. Dre co-founder Steven Lamar and is already available for preorder.

ROAM’s first product, Ropes, delivers a unique listening experience – marrying audio fidelity and noise equalization in a sleek, attractive, wearable consumer accessory. Ropes’ around-the-neck pendant design fits easily and seamlessly into anyone’s daily routine, allowing you to enjoy your favorite song or pick up a call without having to dig through your pockets or untangle cords. In addition, Ropes allow you to personalize the sound dynamics directly in your earphones through an elegant mobile app – ROAM EQ.

“Modern consumers need more than a well-branded headphone or earbuds; they need an attractive, fashionable connection to their mobile device that sounds incredible and allows them to personalize the sound to their listening preference,” said Steven Lamar, co-founder of ROAM. “Earphones represent nearly 60% of the $8 billion global market for headphones. They have remained relatively unchanged for more than a decade even though they connect us to devices that are evolving every day. ROAM’s aim is to enhance the way we physically and emotionally connect to our devices and, by proxy, the music, content and people we love.”

Progressive Design: ROAM Ropes feature a unique, around-the-neck design that fits seamlessly into anyone’s daily routine. The attractive, wearable accessory means no more fumbling through pockets and unraveling wires simply to listen to music or take a phone call. Ropes are there when you need them and look great when you don’t.

Superior Sound: ROAM Ropes deliver the most superior audio fidelity available today. The unique pendant design houses electronics that enable an unprecedented portable sound experience: pure digital sound with absolute clarity, detail and the ability to customize what you hear to your listening preference and your environment.

Personalization: With ROAM EQ, you can personalize and share sound dynamics directly in your earphones. Load the ROAM EQ application onto your phone and change the base, treble and mid-ranges to your preference. Save your personalized settings, share them with a friend and select from ROAM EQ audio presets (Jazz, Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, Country, etc.) that have been pre-loaded for your convenience.

Noise Equalization and Bluetooth: ROAM has incorporated proprietary Noise Equalization technology that delivers the best sound quality on the market today. Connect wirelessly to your Ropes through a Bluetooth connection.

Color Options: ROAM Ropes are available in two colors: Graphite/Black and Graphite/Orange; More color combinations will be introduced in 2015.

ROAM Ropes will be available in two color options and will ship for the 2014 holiday season.

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