Understand Your Dog like Never before with Voyce

Understand Your Dog like Never before with Voyce

by Yoav
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Voyce is a wearable technology and integrated health and wellness management tool for pets. It bridges the communication gap between dogs, their owners, and the people who love them. It's three-part approach of Discover, Learn, and Share gives unprecedented insight into your dog’s health and wellbeing, information and tools for you and your dog to grow together, and ways to share with your veterinarian and social networks.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Voyce was named “Best of CES 2014” by PC World/TechHive and Yahoo! Tech. Voyce was also showcased across multiple media organizations including CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and was prominently featured on the TODAY Show. And, unlike common clip-on pet activity trackers, VOYCE is a revolutionary health band worn comfortably around a dog’s neck, and monitors key vital signs including heart and respiratory rates, along with other wellness indicators, such as activity, rest, calories burned, and more. “The partnership with LifeLearn further distinguishes Voyce by allowing customers to easily interpret data in meaningful and actionable ways. Equally important is the fact that Voyce allows veterinarians to gain insight into the health of their patients outside of their clinics,” said Jeff Noce, President of i4C Innovations.

Voyce measures key vital signs and other wellness indicators through wearable technology and proprietary algorithms. Using that information, Voyce provides you with trends and valuable insights, helping you stay proactive about your dog’s overall health, behavior, and wellbeing.

Gain Valuable Insights
More than just a snapshot of activity, Voyce monitors key vital signs including heart rate and respiratory rate, along with other wellness indicators such as activity, rest, calories burned, and more. All of these data points come together to paint a more complete picture of your dog’s wellbeing.

See Trends
Information is more valuable when you can see how it changes over time. Voyce measures your dog’s key vital signs and other wellness indicators, revealing trends and providing you with actionable recommendations.

Strengthen your bond as you and your dog learn, grow and socialize. By incorporating exclusive content and tools written and produced by some of the nation's leading dog experts, Voyce provides relevant, timely information that is tailored to your dog’s needs. Plus, incentives along the way make achieving goals fun and easy.

Grow Together
From puppies to seniors, Voyce lets you set goals based on your dog’s individual needs, whether your focus is basic training or shedding those last few pounds. As you and your dog learn and grow together, you’ll also be working towards a richer, happier, and healthier relationship. Working as a team, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Connect the Dots
As Voyce gets to know your dog, you’ll receive customized tips, expert advice, relevant articles, and more. With each new insight, you’ll get closer to understanding how your dog is feeling, thinking, and behaving. Voyce can also help you identify common medical conditions such as heart disease and respiratory problems. When medical conditions are caught early, it may improve your dog’s quality of life and reduce treatment costs.

Voyce allows you to share anything and everything about your dog, whether you’re posting photos on social media or sharing vital signs and trends with your veterinarian. Voyce keeps you and your dog connected.

Share with Your Vet
Developed in collaboration with biomedical engineers, dog experts, and Cornell University, one of the nation's top veterinary institutions, Voyce delivers robust, objective data that helps veterinarians connect the dots between visits. Voyce makes it easy for your pet care providers to track your dog’s progress through any desktop or mobile device.

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