Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad Air & iPad now in Camel

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad Air & iPad now in Camel

by Yoav
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Twelve South's SurfacePad for iPad Air & iPad mini is now available in a butter-soft camel-colored leather finish. This smooth, ultra-thin genuine leather iPad cover doubles as a hands-free viewing stand and a desktop typing wedge. The new SurfacePad Camel joins the Red Pop, Modern White and popular Jet Black SurfacePad collection. SurfacePad Camel is available now for iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPhone 5c/5s, with a version for iPhone 6/6 Plus coming soon.

What makes SurfacePad stand out in the crowd? Most significantly, SurfacePad is made from genuine semi-aniline tanned leather – not imitation PU leather used in lower-cost covers. Second, SurfacePad is cut from a hand-selected single sleeve of leather, uninterrupted by a seam, spine or stitch across the entire front-to-back of SurfacePad. This is why SurfacePad feels more luxurious, clean and modern than most other covers you’ll find.

A built-in mini kickstand turns SurfacePad into a convenient typing wedge and desktop display. Flip down SurfacePad’s typing stand to tackle emails, status updates or a Pages document, whether you're in the airport or at home on the couch. Installation of SurfacePad is as innovative as the cover itself: It adheres to the back of iPad, eliminating the need for bulky plastic snap-on shells. If you ever need another case for camping or the beach, you can temporarily remove SurfacePad, then reapply it, dozens of times, in the same way.

● Micro-thin leather cover has a multi-angle, hands-free display built into it.
● Small kickstand the tilts iPad mini to a wonderfully comfortable and stable angle for typing
● Tailored from high-quality Napa leather.
● Minimal case that covers, but doesn't hide your iPad.

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