Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller

Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller

by Yoav
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Designed to replace a light switch on the wall and keep your phone in your pocket, Wink Relay conveniently controls and monitors your connected home from one central location. Relay runs the Wink app, so you can connect to and interact with an ever-expanding range of smart products from trusted brands in the Wink app universe.

Command Center
This wall-mountable controller runs the Wink app, giving you instant access to your smart products. Manage lights, locks, appliances, and more all from a central location in your home.

Multi-Touch Screen
Its stunning, 4.3 inch display gives you access the Wink app, sleeps to save energy, and automatically adjusts its brightness to accommodate your weary morning or nighttime eyes.

A proximity sensor reacts to your presence while temperature and humidity sensors keep relevant smart products operating on point.

Smart Switches
It’s got two mechanical buttons that can act as replacement light switches or be customized to turn other smart products in your home on or off with a single click.

Mic And Speaker
Relay keeps you connected to your family with a built-in microphone and speaker for voice recording. You can even sync up multiple units to take advantage of its intercom functionality.

Wall Upgrade
Relay mounts in multiple positions and replaces most single or double gang boxes not hardwired to an AC outlet. Translation: virtually any existing wall panel with one or two light switches.

Lights, windows, alarms, thermostats… Now you, your family, or guests can access your entire smart home all in one place. Put Relay in the room you use most, sync up multiple units, or use the mobile app when you’re away.

● 4.3" multi-touch screen allows access to all your smart products via the Wink app
● 2x smart light switches can be customized to turn lights, scenes, or other smart products on/off
● Temperature, humidity, and proximity sensors put even more data at your fingertips
● Microphone and speaker for intercom functionality (coming soon)
● Replaces most single or double light switches

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