DUBS Acoustic Filters: Advanced Tech Earplugs

DUBS Acoustic Filters: Advanced Tech Earplugs

by Yoav
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Doppler Labs has announced the launch and availability of DUBS Acoustic Filters, advanced tech earplugs engineered for a quality audio experience. The DUBS use mechanical filters comprised of 17 individual parts to reduce volume and protect your ears without sacrificing sound fidelity, style or comfort.

"Until today, even with all of the recent advancements in tech and design, earplugs have never evolved: they still muffle sound, look like unstylish medical products and are uncomfortable," said Noah Kraft, Co-founder and CEO of Doppler Labs. "Now with the DUBS, you can protect your ears without sacrificing sound fidelity, style or comfort. You no longer have to choose between hearing protection and a quality experience."

Hearing loss is becoming an epidemic that, contrary to common perception, affects all age groups: more than six million people in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 44 suffer from hearing loss. Exposure to loud sounds – from live music and sports stadiums to subway trains and airplanes – can lead to permanent hearing damage, known as Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). The DUBS are the first design-forward, advanced tech solution to this growing problem.

Quality Sound: The DUBS use dynamic attenuation to protect your ears while preserving sound fidelity.

Hearing Protection: The DUBS reduce audio levels by an average of 12 dB, providing protection from loud noise and environments.

Advanced Technology: The compact size of the DUBS mask the complexity of their 17 individual parts made of premium materials like stainless steel, ABS, polymer foams and silicone.

Elegant Design: The DUBS have a discrete, minimalist form factor that transforms a product originally designed for construction sites into a fashion accessory.

Durable & Easily Portable: With a small, protective case, DUBS safely fit into a pocket, clutch or jacket. The DUBS are reusable, built to last for countless adventures and nights out.

The DUBS are available today for $25 by clicking on the buy link below. The DUBS are available in four colors, including teal, blue, pink and white, and fit most adults over the age of 16.

The DUBS are the first product from Doppler Labs, a technology company founded by Noah Kraft, Fritz Lanman, former Microsoft executive and angel investor in Square and Pinterest, and Dan Wiggins, former SONOS transducer engineer. Doppler Labs is backed by a litany of top tech and media investors and is focused on creating a robust product pipeline of "hearables" - wearable technology designed to optimize the way you hear the world.

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