Stack Lighting Alba Responsive Lightbulb

Stack Lighting Alba Responsive Lightbulb

by Sarah
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Stack Lighting has announced the launch and pre-orders for their first responsive light bulb. Intended for both home and commercial use, this product lineup will be designed to make spaces more comfortable, eliminate complexity and are peerlessly efficient compared to regular LED bulbs.

Stack's Alba light bulb, which was first unveiled and a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt's Battlefield competition, automatically responds to natural light to maintain the right level of lighting without wasting energy. With several pilot sites and beta testers already underway, Stack is now allowing users to pre-order the Alba BR30 format bulb. The first Alba bulbs are anticipated to ship by January 2015.

"It's been more than a century since the light bulb was invented, yet lighting has remained largely unchanged in both home and commercial settings," said Neil Joseph, Founder & CEO of Stack. "Stack's goal is to bring true innovation and evolution to this market by focusing on the health, wellness and energy benefits that light can deliver on a daily basis. We firmly believe the right light can make us feel more rested, efficient and help address emerging health issues such as 'circadian disruption' that are becoming more prevalent in our society today.

Alba is the world's first fully responsive bulb that uses embedded sensors to automatically adjust itself to ambient brightness, color temperature for the location and time of day, and is always-on and never wasteful depending on occupancy. Stack's initial commercial pilot sites have seen energy savings of 60-80% compared to regular LED bulbs.

"We have spent a lot of time evaluating many lighting systems, and believe that Stack has designed an innovative and effective lighting solution that will help our clients save money and reduce their carbon emissions," said Francisco Isenberg, Director of Operations at Carbon Lighthouse, a leading environmental organization that makes it profitable for commercial and industrial buildings to become carbon neutral.

Each Alba bulb includes patent-pending sensor technology that will be able to offer unique software solutions for customers. Starting in 2015, commercial customers can benefit from the addition of beacon technology directly integrated into each bulb, as well as high-resolution analytic capabilities that will reduce the need for additional hardware purchases.

Customers can pre-order both the regular Alba BR30 bulb and/or the Alba BR30 bulb with beacon functionality for $60 by clicking on the buy link below. Each bulb combines the power of a commercial grade lighting system at a fraction of the price and with more functionality and less complexity than many other lighting system on the market today.

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