Relonch Announces “Made for iPhone” Relonch Camera

Relonch Announces “Made for iPhone” Relonch Camera

by Yoav
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Relonch has recently unveiled functioning and design prototypes of their Relonch Camera. The iPhone is simply connected to the Relonch Camera by Lightning without any hassles with settings, switching Wi-Fi or pairing Bluetooth and gives an opportunity to make magazine-class photos as easy as on an iPhone and to share them on the spot. A single click on the shutter button and a fancy photo is ready to be shared in a social network and saved automatically to Camera Roll.

“Photography has migrated to smartphones. This is the reality today. People just want to create cool photos and share them. The question arises in their minds: how to choose a camera that will be able to do this? Many of these people are stopped by a stereotype: Magazine-class photos can be made just by professionals. We believe that everyone can create fancy photos. The only thing is that there was no simple camera around for everyone to discover a photographer inside. That’s why our fight is not for megapixels, settings or modes. Our fight is for every person's opportunity to make magazine-class photos and share them with friends and relatives, simply and fast” said Sergey.

Relonch Camera gives such opportunity thanks to a simple connection with iPhone (, a big APS-C-size sensor, a normal lens with large aperture and the unique image processing algorithm.There is no need to use any filters or additional editing. Relonch Camera creates Fancy Photos ( right away - photos with crisp lines of the main object, depth of field, blurred background, accents and balanced soft colors, shared on the spot.

When we think about sharing photos from a ‘big black camera’ on the spot, it is real pain - to Shoot, Import, Edit, Export, Send to a smartphone, and finally, to Share.” said Sergey.

Today, Wi-Fi camera sharing looks like this: Connect to the camera's WiFi, Shoot, Switch to another application to Edit, reconnect to another WiFi network to connect to the internet, Share, and reconnect the camera's WiFi to continue shooting.

As a result, everyone of us faces a choice between an actual, but ordinary photo made with a smartphone and a high-quality photo, which has lost its actuality. Judging by news feeds, people prefer actuality to quality. That is why almost all photographs in our news feeds are made with smartphones, but the maximum amount of "Likes" and "Shares" is collected by striking photographs from ‘big cameras’.

We have a dramatically short way to satisfaction of the two needs: to shoot magazine-class photos and to share them on the spot.” And one more feature of Relonch Camera - iPhone is charging via Lightning while you’re making shots.

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