Avi-on Movable Switch: World’s First Wireless, Movable Light Switch

Avi-on Movable Switch: World’s First Wireless, Movable Light Switch

by Yoav
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Adding and moving traditional light switches is expensive and complicated. Thats why Eric Miller and Dana Kunz created the Avi-on Movable Switch: the world’s first wireless, movable light switch. Stick the Avi-on Switch anywhere in your home, and pair it in minutes with any Avi-on powered plug or light bulb. And it's affordable: kits start at only $59 with free shipping for domestic orders. The Avi-on Switch is everything a light switch should be: smart, affordable and beautifully simple.

Beautiful Design
The Avi-on Movable Switch is designed to fit on any wall in any room. The design team includes a co-founder of world famous design firm IDEO.

The New Standard
Avi-on is powering a new line of GE indoor and outdoor plugs and light switches.

Large Ecosystem of Compatible GE Products
The Avi-on Movable Switch and the GE Bluetooth Products are part of a large and growing ecosystem of plugs, outlets, in-wall switches, outdoor timers, and other devices that enable you to personalize your home… one room at a time.

Avi-on uses industrial strength encryption technology to provide continuous, end-to-end security. From account details, to timer settings, your Avi-on home is secure.

Setup in Minutes
No complicated gateway or Wi-Fi to configure. Use your iOS or Android phone or tablet to set up your Avi-on Switch and Avi-on-powered plugs or bulbs in minutes.

Avi-on’s Simple Bluetooth Home is a revolution that starts with this campaign. It is the first time that a large selection of affordable, easy to use lighting products are available powered by Bluetooth mesh technology. No gateway required. To launch the Avi-on Simple Bluetooth Home, Avi-on partnered with Jasco Products to bring you unique reward kits of Avi-on powered GE plugs and switches. These kits are available at special discounts only during this campaign.

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