BeON Smartbulb with Burglar Deterrent System

BeON Smartbulb with Burglar Deterrent System

by Yoav
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Home security is supposed to bring peace of mind. Instead it often brings stress due to high monthly fees, complexity and fear of false alarms. BeON wants to change that. Start fresh from the outside in and design a new type of security from scratch that is proactive rather than reactive. A system that is seamless with your lifestyle and fun to use, rather than a constant hassle to manage.

A Simple but Effective Deterrent
The BeON Burglar Deterrent system installs just like normal light bulbs and works with your existing wall switches, but when you insert the modules it brings a whole host of new capabilities to all of these great locations throughout your home. Download the free BeON app and then click, flick, and swipe your way into all the experiences and features.

Prevent break-ins BEFORE they Happen
BeON Burglar Deterrent learns how you use your lights and then intelligently replays your lighting patterns while you are away to create the impression of a lived-in home. No system programming is required. Simply activate and be on your way. Most would-be burglars will continue on their way, but the more bold ones may check if a home is occupied by ringing the doorbell. BeON bulbs listen for your doorbell and will turn the lights on in sequence to simulate your active presence.

Works During Power Outages
Homes during power outages become prime break-in targets. If there is an outage while you're away, BeON Burglar Deterrent intelligently uses built-in rechargeable batteries to provide days of backup lighting visible from outside the home. By adding more bulbs to the BeON Burglar Deterrent system you can extend the effectiveness for weeks.

Light the Way if Power is Out
If you're home during a power outage, the BeON bulbs have your back and will remain on or can be turned on using the BeON app. If you have enough BeON bulbs in your system, instant on backup lighting can be enabled throughout your home so you'll never be left in the dark.

Light Your Path to Safety if There is a Smoke Alarm
Just like BeON Bulbs listen to your doorbell they can listen to other events in your home like your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If BeON lights hear an alarm, they will turn on at full brightness instantly to help you and your family get out safely to your meeting place.

Slowly Fade When Turned off, Brighten Gradually when Turned On
Have you ever left yourself in the dark as you turn lights off before making it to the door, across the room into bed, or up the stairs? Us too...all the time. BeON bulbs will dim slowly when you turn them off, allowing you more than enough time to get where you're going safely. They can also gradually turn on to eliminate the jarring effect of illuminating a pitch black room at night. The BeON app acts as a second switch that you can use anywhere when needed.

Create a Nightlight - Instantly
Switch off a BeON bulb and as it's gradually dimming, switch it back on and it will remain at the desired light level. Pretty neat, eh? Super simple, no app required and works with any switch. You can also use this feature for mood lighting (we will leave it to you to decide if this is part of your stress-free security)

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