Bōle Double Minister Briefcase

Bōle Double Minister Briefcase

by Yoav
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The Double Minister is Bōle’s masterpiece Briefcase. As a matter of peculiarity, it has been made known in Sweden as a favourite object of one of their former prime ministers, who was before minister of something else, therefore a double minister.

Double birch wood bottom rails. Double interior compartments and double front pockets. Double locks from Italian brass. Single post handle with leather core and measures: 42 x 34 (40,5) x 14

The Double Minister comes with a 15 year guarantee. They also come with a free annual service. In addition, the briefcases are numbered and Bōle knows fairly well who owns which one.

The Briefcases are made from a single hide of spruce bark tanned Swedish cattle. It is made in their own tannery. A unique leather, made simply by taking the finest Swedish cattle hide they can find and placing it in a mix of spruce bark and Pite river water for 9-12 months. For the lining Bōle uses Nordic reindeer skin. It provides a strong yet smooth and elegant interior.

The leathers are then crafted into Briefcases in their sadlery. The sadlers have strict principles for how they work. Their most important principle is simplicity, which is the key to durability. When you pay attention to details, you pay a lot of attention to a few details, rather than a little attention to many details. And Bōle does pay attention.

The Briefcases come in four different models. Check out the buy link below for more details!

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