Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

by Yoav
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The Eclipse TD-M1 achieves both the reproduction of world-class accurate sound and user-friendly performance enabling all music fans the opportunity to enjoy music without the need for an in-depth knowledge of the technology.

In the world of Hi-Fi audio enjoyed by avid fans everywhere, the Eclipse TD-M1 has thoroughly pursued the combination of accurate sound to the highest level and combined with user-friendly operability.

Sound that's Second to None
Eclipse boasts technology that accurately creates the air movement made by the sound in original recordings. This allows you to hear music in a whole new light, with speed, accuracy and clear imaging. The two-piece speaker system means you can enjoy true stereo effects.

AirPlay Connection With and Without Wi-Fi
The speaker's AirPlay connection works with and without Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy quality, lossless music without the need for a wireless network or any cords.

Simple to Use
As pleasant to use as it is to look at, TD-M1 features intuitive touch sensor control for volume and source selection. Combined with TD-M1’s LED lighting, controlling your ideal sound is simple.

Unique, Stylish Design
The speaker's egg-shaped form has been chosen because of its ideal hydrodynamics, which means it can reproduce music without sound echoing from the shape and distorting the output. The TD-M1’s shape, materials and the single drive unit all combine to accurately transmit the sound without adding unwanted interference.

Quality High-Resolution Playback
TD-M1 comes with built-in integrated 24bit/192khz digital-to-analogue converter (DAC), so you don’t need to have the usual separate Hi-Fi components to simply and easily enjoy the latest generation of high-quality music (via a USB–B input).

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