Holi Unveils SleepCompanion: An Innovative Light to Sleep Better

Holi Unveils SleepCompanion: An Innovative Light to Sleep Better

by Yoav
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Holi, a European start-up specializing in the new generation of lightning devices using LED technologies, has launched its 2nd product: SleepCompanion, the light to sleep better.

According to the latest statistics, sleep deprivation is the #1 reason for obesity. 30% of people declare suffering from insomnia. And 50% of people consider their sleep is not restful enough.

Based on those statistics and studies that have proven light’s ability to synchronize the body’s natural clock, Holi created SleepCompanion, the connected LED light to improve one’s natural sleep. SleepCompanion is a clinically proven lighting solution: it combines an exclusive light-bulb designed to synchronize the body’s biological rhythm with a smartphone App that analyzes sleep quality and provides personalized advice to improve one’s sleep. SleepCompanion works with the sleeping phase, the awakening phase, and provides analysis to help better understand the importance of the sleep and its environment. This unique bulb combines 20 different light sources to produce precise light wavelengths that are needed by a body to sleep and wake up naturally. The SleepCompanion app measures and analyzes the duration, quality and environment of sleep, with capabilities to identify any disturbance and gives insights to make the necessary changes for a better sleep!

How does it work? Replace the light-bulb of the bedside lamp by the SleepCompanion and pair it with the SleepCompanion app. Then, when in bed, one’s can set the alarm clock and choose one of the 3 available programs. Then:

Relax and ease into a restful sleep - The light of SleepCompanion adjusts to the hour of the day to perfectly match the melatonin-driven circadian rhythms. Its dimming program prepares the body to fall asleep naturally. The solution also offers a relaxation program to clear one’s mind and get a good night sleep without any prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills.

Soft rising light to wake-up naturally - The light intensity gradually increases before the set wake up time. Light falls onto the eyes to reduce the level of melatonin and to increase the level of energy, preparing the body for a natural wake-up.

Analyze sleep quality and improve sleeping habits - The SleepCompanion app helps to understand the factors that are affecting the sleep and be aware of the sleep debt. Users can get personalized actionable recommendations and tips on the way to get the quantity and quality of sleep that is needed.

For even better tailored advices, SleepCompanion works with a broad variety of services or hardware: Jawbone UP, Netatmo weather station, FitBit or Withings products. SleepCompanion is compatible with Healthkit and Google Fit.

● Application > iOS 8+ or Android 4.3+
● Wireless > Bluetooth 4.0
● Maximum light intensity > 600 lumens (equivalent to a 50W traditional light bulb)
● Tracked data > ambient brightness, ambient noise, night break, snooze, morning reflex, sleep quality, temperature, humidity, CO2 level, light and deep sleep, burnt calories.
● Approval > CE, FCC
● Origin > 100% Designed in France
● E27 Screw fitting
● Expected lifetime > LEDs rated to last 30,000 hours

Data collected with third parties (Jawbone, Netatmo, Withings, Fitbit..)

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