New Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier [CES 2015]

New Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier [CES 2015]

by Yoav
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Griffin has announced a new, redesigned version of their award-winning Twenty digital audio amplifier at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The new Twenty connects to your speakers and streams music from any handheld Bluetooth-enabled device, giving you the convenience of streaming music throughout the home or office wirelessly.

"Owners of the first generation Twenty raved about how it revolutionized the way they listen to music in the home and office,” said Andrew Biddle, Audio Category Manager at Griffin Technology. "Bluetooth integration in the new Twenty has allowed us to broaden this experience and offer high quality wireless audio to both Android and iOS users."

Named for its 20 watts per channel, Twenty provides ample volume through nonpowered speakers for any home or office. Twenty's crisp, clean playback is courtesy of high-end AAC / aptX audio streaming digital codecs. Twenty also connects direct plug-in connections from your computer, tuner, home theater, turntable, or other audio source. So, whether you’re streaming from your phone, gaming, or watching a movie, Twenty delivers the best sounding Bluetooth and digital audio that you have ever heard.

Setting up Twenty is simple. Connect your favorite speakers to Twenty’s speaker posts, then pair your phone or tablet and hit Play. With Twenty’s single-button design, all you have to do is press the Quick Connect button on the front to reconnect a previously paired device and start listening immediately. Connect the included optical cable to an Apple TV, Airport Express, or video game console for the best audio that’s ever come from your HDTV.

Twenty looks as beautiful as it sounds. Whether you place it next to the stereo, on your desk, or between the speakers, Twenty's sleek good looks fit in anywhere. The clean minimal visual aesthetic combines thoughtful industrial design with recognizable function, all the way down to the brushed aluminum volume knob.

Use Twenty with your existing speakers; or, if you’re building your sound system from the ground up, Griffin offers high-performance NHT SuperZero Passive Bookshelf Speakers and the Super 8 Powered Subwoofer that work seamlessly with Twenty.

The new Twenty is now available at for $149.99. For a limited time, Griffin is offering instant rebates when Twenty is purchased with NHT speakers. Two bundles are available: Twenty + NHT SuperZero Passive Bookshelf Speakers for $299.99 or Twenty + NHT SuperZero 2.1 Super Stereo System with Powered Subwoofer for $599.99. For more information on Twenty please click on the buy link below.

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