Kube Sound 60-pound Cooler & Bluetooth Speaker Combo [CES2015]

Kube Sound 60-pound Cooler & Bluetooth Speaker Combo [CES2015]

by Yoav
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High quality portable sound has been re-imagined and dramatically enhanced with the introduction of the sleek, beautifully designed Kube, launched at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. Kube, created deep in the heart of the Austin, Texas live music scene, is a complete and quantum leap entertainment solution that combines hyper-elegant design, simplified, meticulously engineered functionality, and unmatched sound quality with insulated beverage and food storage. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

"Seeing, using, and most of all, hearing Kube, is believing in this new, game changing portable audio and entertainment experience," said Russell Williamson, founder of Thomas & Darden. "I personally tested the prototype in hundreds of gatherings – small, large, outdoor, indoor, loud, quiet, wet, dry, public, and intimate – you name it. Kube's amazing technology and sturdy, yet beautiful design will upgrade and enliven any setting."

With a Bluetooth range of 50 feet, and engineering that enables minimum distortion at the highest volumes, Kube delivers line in quality sound, along with up to 20 hours of performance on a single charge. Anchored by powerful, Polk Audio marine certified speakers, Kube produces uncompromised sound at 100 decibels or as few as three, with no deterioration in its crisp, clear, and rich audio performance.

Constructed of aluminum and durable coated polymer, the 17" X 23" Kube's distinctive modern curved exterior features a matte gray finish, capped by white stylized lattice speaker grills at each end. Kube keeps its function as clean as its design with five backlit tactile buttons (power, Bluetooth pair, volume up, down, play/pause), and covered USB charging and power inputs on the back. LED lights automatically fade up to illuminate the 33-quart interior cooler storage compartment, pointing users to a favorite snack or beverage. Kube weighs 20 pounds and is water resistant.

"The spare but expressive design blends new technologies with a user-imbued, clear pathway to the human touches that bring the Kube experience to life for everyone within earshot," Williamson said. "Whether positioned in the middle of the 'scene' or obscurely tucked away, Kube's quality sound drives an exciting social experience on terms set entirely by the user."

Kube's components are manufactured in Asia, with final assembly and construction to be completed in an Austin facility. Kube currently is taking pre-orders and will be available beginning this summer for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,099. A detachable transport system is in the works.

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