Track and Improve Sleep Behavior with Sevenhugs hugOne

Track and Improve Sleep Behavior with Sevenhugs hugOne

by Yoav
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In 2014, Sevenhugs created an innovative product that tracks and improves the sleep behavior of the entire family and launches it today at the must-attend consumer electronic convention. hugOne is the world’s first device capable of tracking sleep and home environment for the entire family. It helps families sleep better by monitoring temperature, humidity and air quality, for a healthier home.

The sleep behaviors and results, as well as home environment data can be accessed 24/7 on the Sevenhugs mobile application. Sevenhugs’ proprietary solution can stop all electronic transmission during the night inside the bedrooms, bringing peace of mind and a healthier sleep for the entire family.

hugOne is easy to install thanks to minihugs. minihugs are tiny sensors placed in one corner of the bed, under the mattress cover to monitor your family’s sleep cycles. There is no need to wear anything during the night, no need to synchronize anything and no need to recharge it. Technology becomes truly transparent for a seamless user experience.

hugOne can control the Nest thermostat for automatic temperature setting according to the family’s sleep habits. hugOne also interacts with Philips Hue smart bulbs in multiple bedrooms to make sure the family falls asleep smoothly and awakes at the perfect time with a gentle light.

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