Elevate Your Daily Toothbrushing Routine with Quip

Elevate Your Daily Toothbrushing Routine with Quip

by Yoav
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Introducing quip, a toothbrush that elevates your daily toothbrushing chore into an engaging ritual like shaving and the rest of our modern daily care routine. With Harry's, Birchbox, and Dollar Shave Club, we've seen personal hygiene become more convenient through automation, but with only 25% of the public replacing their toothbrush every 3 months as dentists recommend, there is a tremendous opportunity to genuinely improve oral health with subscription supplies that prompt users to change.

Launching with a beautifully designed, travel ready, electric toothbrush and convenient brush head and toothpaste refill delivery subscription, quip offers a more engaging, simple, and effective brushing experience that aims to "do the basics better” and improve oral health at its base level. With electric brushes starting at $25 and head or toothpaste refills shipped free every 3 months for $5, it's more affordable too.

The unique features of quip’s approach to oral care:

Effortless Supplies Brush Head & Toothpaste refills are delivered every three months to ensure brushes are replaced on time as recommended. Priced at only $5 each with shipping included, they compare favorably with major brand heads at prices upwards of $30.

Engaging Design Quip's brush is minimal and thoughtful in its design; it’s aimed to match your lifestyle and engage you with brushing. Users can choose from a continuously evolving collection of handles, starting with premium matte plastic or brushed aluminum.

Efficient Controls Quip's toothbrush has the same premium vibration and timer training modes only found on expensive brushes. This educates correct & efficient technique without the usual bulk, cost, or gimmicks.

Convenient Storage Each brush is packaged in a cap designed to stand on its own or mount to mirror for more convenient & hygienic storage away from other brushes & the toilet. The cap also doubles as a minimal travel case.

Premium-Affordable With pricing on the toothbrush ranging from $5 for a manual plastic brush, $25 for an electric plastic brush, and up to $40 for an electric aluminum brush, there’s a great choice for every customer. Regardless of features, every brush comes with the benefit of innovative design and the convenient mountable travel cap.

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