Phorm Dynamic Morphing Touchscreen Keyboard

Phorm Dynamic Morphing Touchscreen Keyboard

by Yoav
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How many times have you tried to send an important email from your phone or tablet, only to find that you’ve accidentally sent something riddled with auto-corrected typos? While the software inside our mobile devices continues to adapt to user individuality with the advent of artificial intelligence, Phorm is the first time hardware intuitively adapts based on what you want to do.

Combining a case, keyboard and screen protector in one, Phorm dynamically morphs the screen of an iPad mini into a tactile typing surface with physical buttons that seamlessly disappears when a flat touchscreen is needed. There is no extra keyboard, just a magical change on the screen of your mobile device. Phorm transforms your iPad mini into the most productive mobile device ever, without modifying the form factor or requiring any additional battery power.

Phorm is the first consumer product from Tactus Technology, which was co-founded six years ago by two Ph.Ds with extensive product development experience in optical and microfluidic technologies. The team also includes an ex-BlackBerry keyboard designer, who is a recognized keyboard design expert, as well as former Nokia and Amazon Lab126 employees who have a wealth of experience in developing consumer devices.

Engineered by the industrial design firms behind the Beats by Dre products, Phorm has the power to transform the way we interact with all of the screens in our lives, by finally making the touchscreen physically tactile and easy to use. Microfluidic technology activates optically-clear buttons with just a simple slider bar on the back of the case. The buttons rise above the screen and guide your fingers to the optimal touch zone on your device’s keyboard, improving accuracy, confidence, satisfaction, and the overall typing experience.

“We built Phorm so tablet users will never again have to choose between thin stylish devices with touchscreens and amazing usability,” said Dr. Craig Ciesla, CEO and co-founder of Tactus. “Typing on a flat touchscreen is still a really unnatural user experience. Adding a tactile dimension to an otherwise flat surface changes the way we will interact with all the screens in our lives. This is just the beginning.”

Phorm for iPad mini officially launched February 12, 2015, using pre-sales to confirm the scale of consumer demand and begin production. The iPad mini case will retail for $149 but is available for pre-order for $99. Customers interested in Phorm for the iPhone 6 Plus can sign up on the company’s waitlist now and receive early access to order the product once it is available to consumers. Phorm plans to start shipping its first batch of iPad mini cases in Summer 2015.

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