Simplify Bike Storage with FlipCrown

Simplify Bike Storage with FlipCrown

by Yoav
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As the number of people riding bikes in cities increases, so does the difficulty of finding adequate space to store those bicycles, both inside apartments as outside on the streets.

Over the last few decades, many bicycle storage solutions have emerged. Designer wall mounts, ceiling mounts and book shelves with integrated bicycle storage space are just a few of many inside storage solutions. Creating additional outside storage, as the Dutch city of Amsterdam is currently doing, or going underground as in the city of Tokyo are two obvious solutions to tackle the problem of outside bicycle storage.

The common denominator: the bicycle itself stays unaltered.

Folding bikes, having been around for many decades, have been developed to reduce surface footprint. Reducing the footprint in this case comes at the cost of riding comfort and, let’s be honest, looks, and most folding bikes are quite expensive compared to their non-folding counterparts.

What if a small and cheap bicycle accessory could reduce any bicycle’s footprint, thus allowing more bicycles to be stored on the same surface?

Deltareference, a Belgian based product design company, took this approach when trying to come up with a solution for bicycle storage. In stead of focussing on storage solutions, the development team looked for ways to alter the bicycle itself, reducing its surface footprint. The easiest way to reduce a bicycle’s footprint is by transforming it into a flat package. And this is just what FlipCrown does.

FlipCrown is Deltareference’s first product in a line of innovative bicycle accessories allowing you to “flat pack” your bike. FlipCrown fits the threaded headset on most bikes, allowing you to flip the handlebars 90-degrees, parallel to your front wheel. This makes the bicycle very flat for easy storage.

FlipCrown can be retro-fitted on all bicycles with a threaded headset and comes with a beautiful pair of quick-release pedals to make your bike ultra-flat and easy to store. Installation is a breeze, and all installation tools are included.

No more cramped hallways, pesky handlebars that are always getting in the way or trying to pull out your bike from in between all those bikes in the bike rack.

A solution for threadless headsets is currently being developed and is scheduled to launch later this year.

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