Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3

by Yoav
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When Microsoft developed Surface Pro 3, they set out to design a tablet that can truly replace your laptop – even your high-end laptop. Today hat the vision of Surface has become a reality with so many people using Pro 3 and loving the experience.

As planned the next addition to the Surface family, the questions to answer became simple. What product would they build to be sure they could make the very best of what they built in Surface Pro 3 available to many, many more people? They started with what they're known for — a great tablet that works as a laptop, the ability to run all Windows apps including full Office, and a pen experience that really sets Surface apart. We knew we would offer all of this in a more affordable package but decided at the outset that we would make no compromise on maintaining the beautiful fit and finish, the craftsmanship that so many love in their Surface products.

The result is Surface 3, as well as a mobile-broadband version, Surface 3 (4G LTE). It’s the thinnest and lightest Surface we’ve ever shipped. It runs full Windows, including desktop applications. It includes a one-year subscription to Office 365 to help you really get down to work. And it starts at just $499.

It feels like yesterday that Surface came onto the scene, but the products you see today are the result of years of iteration through many development cycles. Microsoft has used that time to listen to their customers and to learn from them. They have also built on all the past work of their engineering, design, software and manufacturing teams, mastering the processes that allow them to offer products that are both beautiful and incredibly powerful. You will see and feel this in every detail of Surface 3.

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