Crossrope Complete Elite Jump Rope Set

Crossrope Complete Elite Jump Rope Set

by Yoav
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CrossRope is the first-ever interchangeable weighted cable jump rope system dedicated to meet individual training needs and optimize workout effectiveness. Founded and created by active duty Navy pilot, Dave Hunt, CrossRope is the first jump rope that allows users to easily tailor the level of resistance with seven cable types and weights ranging from two ounces to three pounds.

CrossRope’s unique series of sleek, interchangeable jump rope cables provide a serious range of workout and training capabilities. Each CrossRope cable serves a different purpose and function creating effective workout options for beginners to more advanced trainers, professional athletes, MMA fighters and military personnel. CrossRope offers seven cable types; Sprint, Speed, Stamina, Explode, Power, Strength and Titan. CrossRope
equipment ranges from $39.99 to $149.99. All CrossRope equipment, cables and combo sets are available for purchase online by clicking the buy link below.

Unlike competitors, CrossRope specializes only in jump rope equipment, allowing it to focus on creating the best, most efficient workout and training system suitable for everyone’s exercise needs and desires. The revolutionary jump rope system is best for training and conditioning that can provide users with long-term benefits and lasting results when integrated into a multitude of workout routine types. Users can learn new and effective ways to use CrossRope by watching instructional exercise clips uploaded to along with workout samples and suggestions.

Dave credits the U.S. Navy for his inspiration in creating CrossRope. In continuing his military service and through the growth of CrossRope, he aims to have the chance to repay and honor those who have sacrificed so much their lives for our country.

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