June Computer Based Countertop Oven

June Computer Based Countertop Oven

by Yoav
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A team behind such technologies and products as the iPhone, Apple Watch, GoPro and FitBit have announced the June Intelligent Oven — a powerful and easy-to-use computer-based countertop oven designed to bring the kitchen into the smart home era and make everyone a better cook.

June combines professional-grade technology with a powerful quad-core processor, built-in camera, sensors and Internet connectivity to take out the guesswork of making perfectly cooked foods. The result is the world’s most intelligent oven, and the next evolution in cooking for the digital age.

June has raised $7 million in Series A funding led by Foundry Group, First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures, and Founders Fund Angel to accelerate product development, manufacturing, and recruiting.

June was founded on the idea that while the promise of the integrated home exists, it hasn’t truly met its potential in the kitchen. The June Intelligent Oven enables home cooks to cook better, faster and with the confidence of greats results motivating people to cook more often and more healthily.

Of the announcement, June co-founder Matt Van Horn says, “We have brought together some of the best minds in hardware and design to remove the pain points of cooking at home. We’re so excited to introduce the June Intelligent Oven.”

June is the ultimate sous chef, able to detect the type of food, weight, and internal temperature to recommend how to cook food perfectly — from evenly browned toast, to perfectly risen baked goods, to elaborate roasts. It heats up faster and with more accuracy than traditional ovens and can accommodate everything from a standard quarter baking sheet to a 12lb turkey.

To ensure the product was as beautiful as it is thoughtful, June collaborated with San Francisco-based firm Ammunition on the industrial design. On the design process, Ammunition Founder and Partner Robert Brunner says, "Our goal with June was to bring a new level of evolved form and function to the kitchen. And while technology is at the heart of the product, we wanted to create an approachable look that works in any kitchen environment. The result is a modern design that is more considered and refined than anything else on the market.”

June is programmable with the most commonly-cooked foods and even able to cater to individual cooking preferences i.e. a steak can be programmed as rare, medium rare, and well-done, so that dishes are always the right level of “doneness” for the home chef. Based on the type of food, weight and internal temperature, June determines and recommends precisely how to cook it. Its built-in camera and internet connectivity lets the user connect with its iPhone and iPad App, providing the ability to monitor the cooking process onsite or remotely, and push notification alerts when the food is ready along with receiving software updates automatically over Wi-Fi.

Key company advisor, chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Michael Mina says of June, "This technology is redefining the everyday oven, and leverages the latest technology to change the way we use essential home appliances. Oven baking will be changed forever with a new level of precision and professional quality results."

● Professional-grade oven features with 5” responsive touchscreen user interface and Internet connectivity
● 2.3GHz Quad Core NVIDIA Processor with 192 Cuda Cores
● HD Camera
● Kitchen scale
● Dual-Surround convection for even and faster cooking
● Carbon-fiber heating elements
● Edge-to-edge clear glass door, LED lighting

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