Redshift Sports Unveils ShockStop: A Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem

Redshift Sports Unveils ShockStop: A Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem

by Yoav
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Redshift Sports has announced the launch of their new shock-absorbing bike stem -the ShockStop -on Kickstarter.
The ShockStop is an adjustable-stiffness, shock-absorbing suspension stem designed specifically for road riding. It improves ride quality and comfort by isolating the riders body from bumps, shocks, and road buzz. The ShockStop fits virtually all bikes,and it comes in a variety of lengths and angles with interchangeable stiffness elastomers so everyone from performance cyclists to recreational riders and commuters can find the perfect fit.

In recent years, riders have begun to embrace bikes that are designed for more than just perfect roads. Relaxed geometry, wider tires, and disc brakes not only make road riding more comfortable and fun, but they also let us expand the definition of the “road” to include everything from gravel trails to a smooth single track.

Bikes should be comfortable and riding should be fun. But ride more than a few miles, and you quickly realize that bikes are extremely stiff. They transmit every little bump straight to your hands and arms, and after a while those impacts and vibrations make the ride less enjoyable. Bumps and rough roads also rob you of speed, cause a loss of control, and over time they can even lead to chronic injury.

Over the last few years, bike manufacturers have made major improvements in ride comfort through increased rear-end compliance, but the front-end of most road bikes remains unforgivingly stiff. Carbon forks and padded bar tape provide minor relief, but they do little to cushion the rider’s hands and arms against sharper impacts from bumps, cracks, and other road imperfections.

The ShockStop is a single-pivot shock-absorbing suspension stem that is designed from the ground-up specifically for riding on less-than-perfect roads. It dramatically improves front-end ride quality without compromising steering responsiveness or affecting your existing bike fit. And perhaps just as importantly, it does this while blending seamlessly with the design language and aesthetics of modern road bikes.

This isn’t your father’s suspension stem. The ShockStop uses the same sealed cartridge bearings that are used in high-end mountain bike suspension pivots, and the forged aluminum components are extremely torsionally rigid, so climbing and sprinting feel completely natural. The travel is also specifically limited to 1-2 centimeters (6°) -enough to provide amazing cushioning against most road impacts, without affecting the geometry or handling of your bike. Twin interchangeable elastomers let each rider fine-tune the road feel to perfectly match their own riding style. Racers, triathletes, and competitive riders can choose firmer settings to retain a more traditional front-end feel, while commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and endurance riders can dial in a softer feel to maximize comfort.

So what does it feel like? In a word: smooth. The effect is comparable to switching from 23mm tires at 110 psi to 32mm tires at 50 psi, without any of the added rotating weight, rolling resistance, and aerodynamic penalties. Road buzz is almost completely eliminated and impacts from larger bumps and cracks are dramatically muted. The ShockStop is the next logical step in the recognition that cycling performance and comfort are not mutually exclusive concepts.

● Fits virtually all road, hybrid, commuter, and triathlon bikes
● Matches the sleek design language of modern bicycles
● Most people can install the ShockStop in just a few minutes
● Comes in a variety of standard lengths and angles
● Dual interchangeable elastomers let you tune the stiffness
● Sealed cartridge bearings and rugged elastomer springs eliminate maintenance
● Advanced pivot joint maintains torsional stiffness and steering responsiveness
● 3D forged 6061-T6 aluminum components and FEA-optimized design
● Clamps directly to 31.8mm handlebars; fits 25.4/26.0mm bars with included shims

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