Bang & Olufsen Unveils BeoPlay A6 Audio Speaker

Bang & Olufsen Unveils BeoPlay A6 Audio Speaker

by Yoav
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B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen has introduces BeoPlay A6. Designed to fit a modern lifestyle with multiple work and leisure locations around the house the unique shape spreads the sound to the entire room and maintains an ambient character no matter where you are. BeoPlay A6 features an innovative tap and swipe interface, a smooth connection with almost all streaming standards and a unique cover collaboration with Kvadrat, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of design textiles.

“BeoPlay A6 is an exciting new addition to the B&O Play line-up. We wanted to create a flexible and powerful music system tailored to the dynamic life of the modern music lover. As with all B&O PLAY products it features the characteristically balanced Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, but this time there is a twist to the acoustic principles; The unique shape, angling of the five powerful speaker units and refined digital signal processing
ensure that no matter where you are located in relation to BeoPlay A6, the spacious and detailed sound will surprise you”, says Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, VP of B&O Play.

BeoPlay A6 was designed by award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner. To him the acoustic vision was
the starting point when designing BeoPlay A6.

“In a way I have designed BeoPlay A6 the same way I design a piece of furniture, however here form follows
sound and interaction. Its intuitive yet surprising shape always “plays to you” no matter where you are and
generates a much more intimate relationship than you would normally get from a conventional music system.
BeoPlay A6 can blend in gracefully with almost any interior yet stand out with its distinct character. No matter if
you place it freely, in a corner or on the wall it will become the center of social interaction like a contemporary
jukebox”, says Jakob Wagner.

Easy and Intuitive to Use
You can control your music directly on BeoPlay A6 by tapping or swiping the innovative touch
interface, a system introduced with the award-winning BeoPlay A9, or you can simply use your mobile

Connect to Any Music
BeoPlay A6 allows you to stream music through AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth 4.0 and enjoy integrated
access to streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Internet radio TuneIn. The integrated software
will also be compatible with almost any future standards.

Pure Power Under the Hood
BeoPlay A6 is a five-channel speaker with four speakers on the front and one full-tone driver pointing
backwards that maximize the spaciousness of the sound. Each speaker has its own dedicated digital

Collaboration with Kvadrat
The custom-made textile on the front cover is the result of a close collaboration with Kvadrat, one of
Europe’s leading manufacturers of design textiles. The delicate weaving pattern of sophisticated multicoloured
threads provides both acoustic transparency and a strong, visual appearance.

Ready for BeoLink Multiroom
BeoPlay A6 features BeoLink Multiroom technology, which unites your B&O PLAY and
Bang & Olufsen products into one liberating wireless system. With BeoLink Multiroom you can play
different music in different rooms or let one tune flow throughout your home. Start the music with a
single tap on BeoPlay A6.

Blends in with Almost any Interior Setting
BeoPlay A6 will be available in four colours: Light Grey, Dusty Blue, Dark Rose and Dark Grey

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