Biscotti XS Video Calling Solution for HDTVs

Biscotti XS Video Calling Solution for HDTVs

by Yoav
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The Biscotti XS is a new high-definition video calling solution for HDTVs that combines high performance low cost hardware, with software and cloud services, making HD quality video calling affordable and available worldwide. The Biscotti XS features hardware and software enhancements including high-performance Wi-Fi, ethernet connectivity, a Multiport Power Adapter with international power blades, keyboard remote control, universal mount and worldwide regulatory approvals.

● High-Performance Wi-Fi - The new Biscotti XS boasts the highest level of Wi-Fi performance of any TV Cam. Biscotti is the first TV Cam to feature dual band, dual antennas and Multiple In/Multiple Out (MIMO) technology for powerful, HD-ready Wi-Fi. This allows reception or transmission over both antennas simultaneously to improve reliability and increase range. Now users enjoy fewer dropped connections and can use Biscotti devices further from a wireless Access Point than with other TV Cams.

● Ethernet Connectivity - The Biscotti XS also offers a wired Ethernet option to help ensure users can stay connected when a Wi-Fi connection is not possible.

● Multiport Power Adapter - Biscotti XS includes a unique Multiport Power Adapter with a single connector and cable to provide an ethernet connection, universal power with international power blades, and an external 3.5mm audio jack for remote microphones offering improved audio capabilities in very large rooms.

● Direct Connectivity to any HDTV - Biscotti XS connects directly to any HDMI port with the supplied HDMI cable without a computer.

● Keyboard Remote Control - An enhanced remote control features a full QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry, navigation and search functions, providing users with a seamless remote solution for use with both the TV and calling device.

● Universal Mount - The Biscotti XS also includes a new universal mount with 330 degree swivel that mounts onto any TV, surface or wall/ceiling.

● Interoperability with Google, SIP and PSTN infrastructure - Biscotti XS works with Biscotti TV Cams, and any computer, smartphone or tablet with Google Video Chat or Android Talk App. Upcoming MyBiscotti Cloud Services features such as SIP and PSTN interoperability will further extend the capabilities of Biscotti XS.

MyBiscotti Cloud Services lets you manage and configure multiple Biscotti, access live images from multiple Biscotti, and record and share time-lapse videos. New and upcoming features include video mail, multiparty calling and PSTN interoperability.

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