Light L16 Camera

Light L16 Camera

by Yoav
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Earlier this month Light unveiled the L16 Camera. Founded to make beautiful photography more accessible than ever before. Designed specifically to eliminate the tradeoff between the quality you get with a DSLR, and the convenience you get with a cell phone.

Unlike a DSLR or mirrorless camera that use interchangeable lenses for shooting in different situations, the Light L16 has multiple small and inexpensive camera modules that are built-in. When you press the shutter button, it captures several high-resolution images simultaneously, then using sophisticated computational imaging techniques, it fuses them together to create a single image with up to 52 megapixel resolution.

With the exception of the shutter button, physical buttons and knobs were abandoned, opting for a completely new type of touch screen interface that feels more like the user-friendly interface of a cell phone. And finally, after a lot of research and designs with folded optics, Light was able to fit all of this into a camera body small enough to fit in your pocket.

Because the Light L16 captures from several different camera modules with different focal lengths, and at slightly different perspectives, it can radically optimize your final image to provide the best possible clarity, and virtually eliminate noise, even in the darkest areas of your shot. Shooting with multiple camera modules also enables you to adjust depth of field even after the picture has been taken.

And because the final image is extremely high-resolution, the photo you took of your child on stage from the back of the auditorium is going going to be crisp and clear, even after aggressive cropping.

Most importantly, Light gives you the freedom to focus on the moment, with the confidence that your finished picture is going to be truly amazing. Your photos will have that rich magical quality that comes with high-end cameras, without the effort, expertise or big bag of gear.

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