MorfBoard: An Action Sports-Inspired Fitness System that Makes Working Out Fun

MorfBoard: An Action Sports-Inspired Fitness System that Makes Working Out Fun

by Yoav
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Eitan Kramer, a former pro action sports athlete and world record-holder, has launched MorfBoard, the world’s first action sports-inspired fitness system that makes working out fun.

MorfBoard is designed for everyday fitness enthusiasts, action sports athletes and fitness pros and elites, completely changes how it works in seconds, allowing users to rapidly shift from “mode” to “mode.”

The heart of MorfBoard is its lightweight deck, which is designed to accommodate many different attachments. Those attachments, which currently include Bounce, Balance, Skate and ReBand, can be swapped out in seconds, giving users the freedom to work out and play how and where they want.

“We have created a whole new technology that fuses the DNA of action sports to the world of fitness,” Kramer said. “Surfers spend all day in the water and they’re shredded because of it. But that’s not why they do it. They surf because they love it. We’ve developed gear that will make people love working out. Our single and fundamental objective is for people to wake up in the morning and be stoked about their workout – just like surfers wake up excited to hit the waves.”

Creative director and partner Eric Bergman based MorfBoard’s sleek design on the same principles used to make surfboards, skateboards, and snowboards. “A functionally-driven aesthetic,” as he puts it.

The experienced designer relished the challenge of building a modular system that is robust and works equally well in any number of modes.

Together, Bergman and Kramer developed the Morf Modular System (MMS). The deck has ports on its sides and in the center. Attachments fit into those ports and are secured in place by the FlexTrigger mechanism, a springless lock that secures attachments flush into the deck.

MorfBoard comes with the Bounce attachment, which is a fun way to get your cardio in and which makes moves like pushups and planks more challenging.

MorfBoard will retail for $249, and attachments will cost $60 (ReBands) and $85 (Skate and Balance attachments each). During the Kickstarter campaign, backers can order the MorfBoard for $175, and attachments for $40 and $55 respectively, for a savings of $154 on the entire system. MorfBoard will use funding from its Kickstarter campaign to develop proprietary molds of current attachments, as well as molds of attachments in development. Delivery of the first MorfBoards to backers is scheduled for summer 2016.

For more information on MorfBoard, or to back the project, please click on the buy link below.

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