The Palermo Tripolina Chair

The Palermo Tripolina Chair

by Yoav
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The Palermo Tripolina Chair is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted in a small Buenos Aires workshop by a dynamic group of craftsmen -- former models, architects, and bonsai tree grower. The chairs cover is made of thick 100% Argentinian vegetable-tanned polo saddle leather that, like a fine wine that ages beautifully. All hand-dyed and stitched. These guys take their chairs as seriously.

Every piece of leather is hand-selected from a nearby polo saddlery, which is the locals’ go-to place for the finest Argentinian leather. From dying to cutting and sewing each section, every step of the process is done “the old world way” with every bit of painstaking attention to detail you’d expect from a group of men that have made a career perfecting this rugged yet elegant craft.

The supporting frame is hand-carved from high quality guindo wood, a lightweight but incredibly durable timber, and assembled with iron hardware. Its compactness when folded makes it easy to take along on any adventure, without suffering style or comfort.

Originally designed in 1855 by a British engineer, the ‘Tripolina’ style became widely known in Europe as an officer’s chair used on military campaigns. But it also grew in popularity with safari hunters, explorers, and adventurers worldwide.

Notable for its elegant form and versatile function, this chair serves as a stylish addition to any living space or companion on your next journey.

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