Philips Screeneo Smart LED Ultra Short Throw Wireless Projector

Philips Screeneo Smart LED Ultra Short Throw Wireless Projector

by Yoav
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Bring the big screen experience to your living room without the need for ceiling mounts or additional speakers and peripherals thanks to the Screeneo HDP1590 smart LED projector. Just place the Screeneo a few centimetres from the wall and enjoy images from 50 inch to 100 inch. Screeneo projectors have everything you need in one box, including integrated speakers, LED lighting technology and a host of connection options such as HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Miracast and DLNA, as well as the option of connecting a USB flash drive or SD card.

Experience your favourite films, photos, music and more on the big screen and in high definition with ease. Screeneo supports all 3D modes as well as converting 2D into 3D with the use of DLP-Link 3D Glasses.

Ultra Short Throw Distance - Long lasting LED
Easy to move around the house or as a simple way to set up your own outdoor cinema in the garden. Unlike traditional projectors that need to be placed some distance from your viewing surface the Screeneo HDP1590 has an ultra short throw image projection that saves valuable space without compromising picture quality. Placed just 4 inches from your wall this Screeneo projector produces a bright, high definition 50 inch picture that makes a great alternative to a large screen TV, while positioning it 17 inches from the wall delivers a truly immersive 100 inch picture bursting with rich colours for a true cinema experience every time you switch it on.

The integrated speakers and built-in subwoofer deliver a big sound to match the big screen, as well as eliminating the need for additional connections or peripherals that can take up valuable space in the living room. The LED lighting technology of the HDP1590 ensures a longer life expectancy than traditional lamp projectors, giving you up to 30,000 hours of high-quality viewing. This TV-like lifespan means you'll never have to change a lamp, leaving you with all the benefits of a home cinema experience but without the hassles.

Connect Wired or Wireless - It's Up To You
Wireless connectivity options make it easy to give your favourite media the big screen treatment, be it via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or DLNA. With the built-in Wi-Fi or LAN (ethernet) port you can easily connect to the world online or to your network at home via DLNA and project your content from these devices.

If you prefer physical media, you can connect the Screeneo via HDMI, insert an SD card into the card reader, connect a USB flash drive or connect the antenna to an antenna jack. Multiple HDMI inputs as well as VGA and composite connections mean set-top boxes, games consoles and other wired devices are also easily accommodated. Miracast functionality lets you easily share content by instantly mirroring your smartphone or tablet screen.

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