Enlaps TIKEE Time-Lapse Solution

Enlaps TIKEE Time-Lapse Solution

by Yoav
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Have you ever wanted to capture the vivid motion images of the sun setting below the horizon, the magic of a flower expanding from bud to blossom or an arena filling with fans, all in a matter of seconds? Time lapse production makes this dream a reality; and now, Enlaps introduces a novel way to create and share these images and videos at a professional level, all within the framework of an affordable budget.

Enlaps makes photographic time lapses possible for the professional and novice alike. A 2015 nominee for the CES Innovation Award for Digital Imaging. TIKEE is a unique, complete, plug-and-play time-lapse solution, from initial photography to final product sharing over the web. Thanks to the product's constantly recharging solar battery, TIKEE can remain in continuous - practically infinite - use; and thanks to the magic of cloud storage there are no memory card limitations in play.

Easy for users of all abilities and talent levels, TIKEE is coupled with a web-enabled software that automatically merges images from twin "fish eye" camera lenses, creating instant time-lapse videos that can be shared online. The cameras offer panoramic views at incredible angles of 230 degrees which enables Pan and Zoom as well as numerous incredible movie effects.

Thanks to its high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel and integrated power cells from advanced lithium chemistry, TIKEE is fully autonomous as it self-manage its energy. The integrated connectivity module allows TIKEE to send pictures that have been shot directly to a dedicated cloud storage server for photo editing, filtering, merging and processing into a high-quality professional-level time-lapse video. Capturing images for time-lapse video has never been so easy as the entire process is performed remotely including management of the camera settings through the web. To top it off, the weatherproof case (IP54, UV resistant) makes it possible to create quality results regardless of weather or environmental constraints.

TIKEE's launch coincides with Enlaps' Kickstarter program, with a target goal of $150,000. The program launched today, Thursday, December 10th and will continue through the middle of January, 2016. Expected to hit the U.S. and European markets in September 2016, the public retail price is estimated at 600€; but large discounts and early product delivery will be available for crowd funders who support Enlaps' Kickstarter campaign. For more details please click on the buy link below.

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