Bel & Bel Scooter Chair

Bel & Bel Scooter Chair

by Yoav
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Bel & Bel is a studio-workshop founded in 2005 by artists and designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel. Both graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and soon realized that we were united by more things besides the name. Carles and Jesus began with the readjustment of old objects into functional ones and increasingly we were watching the final designs and projecting them into more innovative, more technological and customized personal pieces.

From that collaboration came the Bel & Bel Scooter Chair. Made from original parts of the legendary Italian scooter from the 80’s. Re-using the chassis they created an original and unique model of swivel chair. The Scooter Chair is manufactured, customized and handmade in full by Bel & Bel. It is a numbered series what makes each piece unique. Every one comes with a Bel & Bel certificate of authenticity.

The chair has a reclining feature, a reinforced internal structure and a base with hydraulic piston to regulate and adjust to the most convenient height. It is a very comfortable ergonomic chair, imitation leather upholstered and soft tread silent wheels. Its traditional character and high-end components only makes it a unique product and a great sample of contemporary design.

● Width: 60 cm
● Height: 120 cm
● Depth: 70 cm
● Approximate weight: 20 Kg
● Available in all colors

It is also a piece emotionally charged for all lovers of this classic and iconic motorcycle. A base model can be customized with a wide variety of extras. For more details please click on the buy link below.

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