Vulcan's Fire Salt by The SpiceHouse

Vulcan's Fire Salt by The SpiceHouse

by Yoav
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This hot salt is so terrific, The SpiceHouse decided to name it in honor of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. As the name implies, Vulcan's Fire Salt is designed to be a HOT salt. Everyone knows what they expect out of a hot salt. A wonderful tongue burn, maybe a little eye watering! What you may not expect is the rich depth of flavor that this blend offers. This spice combination has influences from Caribbean and eastern Central American recipes, though it doesn't fall into any ethnic or regional tradition. Hence, it can be used on any meat, vegetable or fish. We LOVE it on popcorn. Great in both your morning eggs and Bloody Marys. Sprinkle on pizza. Make a variation of your normal garlic bread by using fresh rubbed garlic and this salt instead of garlic salt.

Just use it any time you want to add some flavor and some heat. It is so all purpose, that is used as a table condiment, right next to the salt shaker and pepper mill.

Hand mixed from: Salt, Louisiana Chile Mash, Garlic, Habanero Chile, Shallots, Tellicherry Pepper, Lime Peel, Pimenton de La Vera, Picante, Cumin, allspice and Vinegar. Sodium content 671.02 mg per teaspoon; 25.13% sodium

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