Trigger Your Camera from Your Smartphone with Triggertrap

Trigger Your Camera from Your Smartphone with Triggertrap

by Yoav
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Triggertrap make it possible to trigger your camera from your smartphone. With Triggertrap Mobile photographers
can capture timelapse movies, create long exposures and trigger using all the sensors currently crammed into their
phones. All they need is the free app and a super-afordable hardware kit and they are good to go.

Triggertrap has completely rewritten their popular iOS app, Triggertrap Mobile this past December. The update introduced the single most requested feature: Night Mode, which turns Triggertrap Mobile into the perfect companion for photography in the dark.

Flicking the Night Mode switch changes the colours of the user interface to a darkness-friendly colour scheme,
making Triggertrap Mobile ideal for high-speed photography in the studio, light painting in the garden, and for
astrophotography in the field. These colours are designed to work with screen brightness turned right down,
minimising the amount of light coming from the phone - with the added benefit of maximising battery life.

Timed Release now has a ND calculator baked right in, making it easier than ever before to calculate the perfect
exposure time with your ND filter and capture the long exposure. In Timed Release simply tap the ND filter icon (the
split circle), enter your base shutter speed, your neutral density filter strength and tap to automatically put that value into Timed Release.

The Wearables mode has also been taken to the next level, adding support for triggering almost every mode from
Apple Watch or a Pebble smartwatch. This makes your wearable device perfect for starting a sensor mode from
distance to avoid premature triggering, keeping star trails steady, and keeping any movement out of long exposure
HDR shots.

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