Twelve South TimePorter Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Twelve South TimePorter Charging Stand for Apple Watch

by Yoav
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Twelve South unveils TimePorter, a beautiful new travel tote and portable charging stand for Apple Watch. Resembling a luxury eyeglass case, TimePorter is designed to hold your Apple Watch charging cable, extra Watch bands, USB chargers and more. The elegant case incorporates the Apple Watch Charging Disc and converts into a travel charging and display stand.

Outside, TimePorter is wrapped in soft Black or White luxury leather. Custom hinges open to a full 180-degrees. A color-contrasting silicone plug covers and protects the charging port when not in use with the Charging Disk. A hidden magnetic closure keeps everything sealed and secure when traveling.

Inside, TimePorter presents a soft silicone-covered built-in storage structure that manages and neatly coils the six-foot long Apple charging cable. With your charging cable inside TimePorter, you can unwind just enough cable to reach the nearest outlet. TimePorter has enough room inside to hold your other vital Watch accessories: a USB charger (or two), extra Watch bands, even a portable battery that creates a completely portable charging kit.

Along with transporting your Apple Watch accessories, TimePorter also doubles as a charging and viewing stand. An integrated portal holds the charging disc so you can lay your watch across the top of TimePorter for charging. While Apple Watch charges on TimePorter, you can open the case to create a multi-angle viewing stand to see incoming notifications and the time on your bedside table or desk.

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