AiraWear: World's First Smart Massaging Hoodie

AiraWear: World's First Smart Massaging Hoodie

by Yoav
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T Ware, a Singapore wearable and fashion technology company, is releasing a new comfort solution to stressed and sore young working and travelling adults in the form of Aira. Aira is the world’s first personal Intelligent Comfort Jacket, designed to alleviate the body pains of modern life.

Tware has been developing and manufacturing intelligent stress and pain relieving wearables for healthcare applications for years, based on their proprietary pressure systems. With that impressive pedigree, Aira was developed to relieve the pains of the modern day consumer, who either spends uncomfortable hours in front of a screen or in transit. Bad posture and muscle tension cause not only short term discomfort, but lead to longer term conditions.

Aira aims to be the most effective and advanced stealth solution to a problem affecting millions of consumers.

“Imagine this. You just spent half an hour on a bus or a train to get to work. You’ve been slouching at your chair staring at a screen for hours. You’re sore and aching but all you can do is just take a break, have a coffee, maybe a quick stretch, then get back to the desk, and just live with the pain. That’s the person Aira is designed for! ,” s ays TWare’s Product Manager, Tan Jun Yuan.

How Does Aira Work?
Aira is a wearable pneumatic system, which creates pressure using air in an inflatable frame. Aira has 2 distinct massage sensations, namely acupressure massage and body compression.

Aira is controlled by pairing it to a smartphone app with a range of preset function (for concentration, for relaxation etc), and can relieve pain and stress through:

∙ Exerting pressure on targeted Acupressure points on back, relieving tension and improving blood circulation
∙ Correcting the lower and upper back posture using the wrap around airbag system, straightening the whole spine
∙ The calming effects of Deep Touch, which give the wearer the sense of a hug and its proven benefits to mental health, with anxiety reduction and increase in concentration

Aira is a unique product, which can combine the benefits of massage devices, pressure jackets, posture correction braces, all into a superlight and stylish solution which can be either stealthily worn or easily folded away.

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