The Original Po' Man Charcoal Grill

The Original Po' Man Charcoal Grill

by Yoav
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The Po Man Grill is more value, more flavor, more meat and less fancy pants. It is perfectly portable, simple to set up, cheap to operate on plain charcoal and rubbing alcohol. It has a patented design for maximum flavor with minimal hassle and huge capacity. Also, it looks like a trash can and tastes better than an egg, so it will be the conversation piece of your next bbq.

Po Man makes meals fit for millionaires, it is simple to use and holds more meat than you can shake a skewer at. Make mouth watering, fall apart pork, beef, poultry, fish and vegetables to satisfy your uppity connoisseur and inner country boy.

Light the coals, add the meat, tilt the lid and forget about it. Po Man is on autopilot. That leaves plenty of time for flip flops and long necks, hunting, fishing, golfing or just kicking back with family and friends. The shenanigans you get into while your Po Man cooks are up to you.

Though it looks like a plain trash can, the Po Man Grill is constructed of highly durable rolled steel and stainless metals. It is painted to perfection with high temperature bbq paints. The Po Man Grill is not galvanized.

● Charcoal Grill with 1 round grate, flavor lock drip-plate, 2 skewers
● Huge capacity cooker that will be the talk of your next BBQ
● Trashcan cooker
● Out-cooks other high-dollar, high-falutin grills.

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