Home Automation with Smart Things

Home Automation with Smart Things

by Yoav
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Imagine being able to control everyday things like your lights, fans, heaters & discos balls from your mobile device. SmartThings devices makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. Simply installing SmartApps will allow you to monitor, control, automate & have fun with your things anywhere.

The SmartThings platform is about agnostic as it gets: It can be designed to communicate tasks to nearly everything in your home, whether it's smart to begin with or not. "The great thing is that this platform can work for a door, and it can also work for a coffee maker or a dog collar," Hawkinson explains. "We wanted to make the app flexible enough for developers to work with but keep an ease of use for consumers."

But how can the platform do it all? The secret is in the software, rather than the hardware. The SmartThings system is based around a cache of apps that cater to specific needs. For example, the "My Stuff is Secure" app monitors a sensor on a cabinet or drawer that contains valuables — and will send a message notifying the owner when it is opened. Alternatively, the "Buzz Barometer" will send a notification to a light that will brighten or dim when you get a new follower on your social network. The sensors can also work with both simple and complicated tasks.

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