Grace Digital CastDock X2 Speaker

Grace Digital CastDock X2 Speaker

by Yoav
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Grace Digital has announced the world’s first speaker made exclusively for Google’s Chromecast Audio device which streams music through WiFi anywhere in your home.

The market for multi-room WiFi wireless audio has been heating up in recent years as many small and large companies compete in the growing market. Instead of coming up with yet another competing solution, Grace Digital has physically integrated Chromecast Audio device (sold separately) directly into the speaker. There is no additional app or system to learn.

With the CastDock X2 speaker, users simply place a Chromecast Audio device on top of the Grace CastDock, connect the integrated power and digital audio cables, and instantly have a world-class Chromecast enabled speaker that rivals any competitor’s proprietary system.

“Today we have created a speaker dock for Chromecast Audio just like companies created iPod docks for iPods over 15 years ago, just Dock it and Rock it,” commented Greg Fadul, Grace Digital’s CEO. “The beauty of our new CastDock with Chromecast Audio is your phone’s battery doesn’t drain, and you can cast your music from any room in your house to one or multiple speakers simultaneously.”

● Listen to over 30 million songs from over 100+ cast-enabled music apps
● Enjoy higher quality sound
● Play music everywhere with multi-room feature
● Play music without interruptions
● Mirror music from a laptop or Android phone

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