The Via 57 Chair

The Via 57 Chair

by Yoav
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The ultimate partnership in Danish design: Republic of Fritz Hansen, the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and the Danish design group KiBiSi, now launches the VIA 57 chair. The partnership is the culmination of great Danish design visions coming together with the VIA 57 chair’s dynamic, tetrahedral shape translated through the lens of the heritage furniture brand. VIA 57 Debuted in New York in May, the collaboration celebrates the completion of Bjarke Ingels Group’s first New York City project — the VIA 57 WEST building — giving design lovers around the world the opportunity to have a piece of the Manhattan skyline in their own homes.

Another iconic Dane
When the SAS Royal Hotel was built in 1960 as Copenhagen’s first skyscraper, Arne Jacobsen, the master of Danish Modernism, designed everything from the exterior architecture to the interior design; from the furniture and lamps to the spoons and cups. Today, Bjarke Ingels, who is known for his innovative architecture and KiBiSi, which is known for its idea-driven approach, take Danish design abroad by reinventing the American skyscraper and presenting the VIA 57 chair. The partnership between BIG, KiBiSi and Republic of Fritz Hansen is a unique example of architecture and design going hand in hand, as it did in Arne Jacobsen’s work in the 1960s.

‘VIA 57 West is a ScanAmerican hybrid combining the communal space of a Scandinavian courtyard building with the density and views of an American skyscraper into what we have nicknamed a courtscraper. Designed for its lobby and lounges, the VIA 57 chair combines Scandinavian simplicity and elegance with American comfort and generosity. The rotated corners allow a variety of social configurations while also evoking the tetrahedronical geometry of its parent architecture,’ says Bjarke Ingels, founding Partner, BIG. VIA 57 is more than a chair VIA 57 is any type of seating furniture you want it to be. With its adaptive and inventive design, VIA 57 is the ultimate chair for the modern lifestyle, allowing you to reconfigure it to suit individual needs: create a small sofa for intimate conversations, expand it into a sprawling lounge area with a welcoming atmosphere, or just let the chair stand out on its own as a beautiful sculpture that doubles as a

‘For the first time in many years, we have designed a piece of furniture, with an architect who normally creates buildings. This is in line with some of our classic products from the past, including our collaboration with Arne Jacobsen. In its shape, the VIA 57 chair is a meeting between Scandinavia and America. Bjarke Ingels and KiBiSi have succeeded in merging the American lounge chair with minimalist organic Scandinavian design, and we are extremely happy with the result,’ says Christian Andresen, head of design, Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Open and Engaging
Just as the VIA 57 West building casually leans into the Manhattan skyline, the VIA 57 chair has a laid-back feel that will add an element of ease to its surroundings. At first sight, the look is engaging and inviting. Once seated, users will appreciate its calm and comfortable embrace. They can position themselves on any of the three sides, remaining open to interaction, approachable by anyone in the room. In addition to its modular functionality and multiple settings, VIA 57 has a powerful visual appeal that makes it the centre of attention. The design expression softens the traditional lines of a room and offers uncompromising comfort.

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