Authentic 747-400 Headlight Lamp

Authentic 747-400 Headlight Lamp

by Yoav
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The 747-400 is the most popular model of the iconic jumbo jet. The -400, which rolled out in 1988, incorporates technological advancements such as 6' winglets and a two-crew glass cockpit to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The Headlight Lamp is a large floor lamp constructed from a pair of genuine headlights from a retired 747-400. All protruding parts from the headlight housing have been removed for safety. The base plate has been custom-fabricated from half-inch hot-rolled steel and a top cap from 1/8" aluminum with a 3/4" lip were added.

All electrical transformers and wiring have been replaced. Two halogen sealed-beam headlights with adhesive window film on the surface have also been added to reduce brightness and the structure was reinforced with vertical supports.

The result is a sculptural piece with both practical function and historical significance. Certificate of Authenticity is included. The 747-400 Headlight Lamp measures approximately 63"H x 33"W x 17"D and weighs 110 lb.

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