GameVice Controller for iPhone and iPad

GameVice Controller for iPhone and iPad

by Yoav
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Gamevice is an attachable gamepad controller that transforms your iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+ into a hyper-advanced handheld gaming console. It is available in selected Apple retail stores and online - both nationwide and internationally. Gamevice connects directly to become one with your Apple device - not a separate controller.

Play more than 750 controller-supported iOS games including Minecraft, Final Fantasy VII and Marvel: Contest of Champions with Gamevice. Gain a tactical advantage over other iOS gamers using Gamevice thanks to its superior controls. From Halo: Spartan Strike and Halo: Spartan Assault to 2K Drive to NBA 2K16 and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, Gamevice improves your reaction time and gives you a competitive edge thanks to its low latency. Play Grand Theft Auto (III, San Andreas & Vice City), Afterpulse, Call of Duty Strike Team, Goat Simulator (original, GoatZ and MMO Simulator) and Crazy Taxi as the developers intended, but on your iPhone 6 thanks to Gamevice.

Gamevice evolves i-gaming into a console experience by transforming mobile devices into full-fledge game machines with controllers. Now you can easily play these games on the go.

● Dual analog joysticks
● Audio DAC and headphone out
● A, B, X, Y fire buttons
● Patented flex bridge technology
● 400 mAh battery and power pass through to charge iPhone while you play

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