BooEnn: Light Sensitive Smart Sunglasses

BooEnn: Light Sensitive Smart Sunglasses

by Yoav
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A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo to enable consumers to be one of the first to own a pair of BooEnn: Light sensitive smart sunglasses. The sunglasses provide a driver with the perfect glasses to wear to deal with the changing light while on the road. Through wearing the solar powered glasses, the driving glasses can make the road safer and avoid the driver be blinded by sudden light from the sun as well as dealing with the loss of light through tunnels.

There are many different standard sunglasses on the market. However, there are no driving glasses available that can help a person deal with the lack of vision when light suddenly goes dark, which includes driving through a tunnel. The smart light sensor will automatically detect the light in front of the driver and automatically switches color base on the lighting condition to improve safety on the road.

The driving glasses, which have been featured in media outlets around the world including Baidu helps drivers to drive for long periods of time without the strain of the different light conditions affecting their ability to stay focused. The BooEnn: Light sensitive smart sunglasses have been hailed as a positive step to reduce accidents on the road by combatting fatigue and distracted driving.

The sunglasses will be available in nine colors including black, and by backing the campaign consumers can have the chance to be one of the first to own a pair of BooEnn: Light sensitive smart sunglasses to be the envy of family and friends.

For more information on the driving glasses and how they will make a huge difference in people's lives while driving on the road, please click on the buy link below.

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